About me & Vision

As the previous President of the Maylands Ratepayers and Residents Association, I had the privilege of representing our community for a few years and being a vocal advocate for others on many local issues. I’ve seen at first hand some of the problems with the ways our City and Council operate, as well as opportunities to improve City policies.

To be able to more significantly influence changes and promote a more sustainable local government and community, I decided to take the next step and represent you around the decision makers’ table. I would like to use the councillor role as a platform to keep progressing things in South Ward. I hope that as a councillor I will be able to achieve much more for the community and do it more quickly. 

As your re-elected councillor, I will continue to push for:

  • Our Local Government being focused on efficiency and delivery of basic services.
  • Responsible decision making and expenditure, to keep our rates low and under control.
  • More upgrades and activation of our town centre, to increase pride and safety in Maylands and support local businesses.
  • Safer footpaths and pedestrian crossings, especially around local hubs (e.g. schools, shops) to improve walkability.
  • More action to improve recycling services and effectiveness.
  • Better cycling infrastructure and bus frequencies.
  • More trees and sustainability.


Unfortunately, existing election rules don’t require candidates (in any tiers of government) to disclose all conflict of interests before being elected. Many times, we hear about our representatives’ various interests only incidentally, when a specific issue is brought to public attention. By then it’s too late for people to change their votes.

Being transparent with you, as your elected member, is a key principle for me:

• I’ve been a truly independent Councillor. I’m not a member of any political party nor am I linked to any politician. I have always worked with anyone who is keen to see good outcomes for our community.

• I have not sought assistance from other politicians in my campaign, and I have always voted for the Mayor or Deputy Mayor only on the basis of their experience, skills, their ability to work with others and their commitment to our community. I strongly believe that State politics should stay out of local governments.

• I’m not connected to any business, and I have not received any financial donations from any source. Any donations received by candidates are recorded on the Electoral Gift Register: https://www.bayswater.wa.gov.au/…/Electoral-Gifts….

• I have a law degree and a Masters of Environment.

• I’m a senior public servant working for a State Government department where I deal with the development of legislation and policy. I have more than 14 years of experience working for governmental agencies in WA, Victoria and abroad, including the Departments of Health, Local Government and Communities, Environment and Primary Industries, WA Police, and army service.

• I live in Maylands with my husband and our two kids in a house with a mortgage.

• I’m a former President of the Maylands Ratepayers and Residents Association (MRRA). I am currently a member of the MRRA and the Maylands Historical and Peninsula Association. I am not involved in the management of any community group.

• I am the administrator of my Councillor Facebook page only.

I am 100% committed to our local community and I do not ‘owe’ anything to anyone.

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