Crime/anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour in the Maylands town centre, especially along 8th Ave and near The Rise, has been raised with me as a major issue by many businesses and residents. Improving the sense of safety is crucial for our shopping precinct to prosper and attract more visitors, as well as making everyone feel welcome.

There are no easy and quick solutions for dealing with this issue, much like the problem of crime in general (see attached some recent stats for Maylands). If elected, I will support the implementation of the City’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan (CSCP) and push for more elements to be funded as needed. Significant amounts of time and money were invested in preparing the plan, which was approved last year (and is currently in the process of being revised).

The plan was originally developed after extensive desktop research and consultation with key stakeholders, aimed at ensuring that the proposed actions addressed community needs. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of everybody involved, and sets out a number of actions for the City to implement, including:

  • Enhancing safety at public transport sites and surrounding areas;
  • Developing a comprehensive CCTV Strategy for the City;
  • Developing a community safety campaign that provides residents with information about ‘best practice’ crime prevention strategies around their houses and properties;
  • Developing a Memorandum of Understanding between the City and WA Police to further strengthen information sharing and cooperation;
  • Organising night time audits to decide where improved street lighting would be most beneficial;
  • Considering the appointment of a dedicated Crime Prevention Officer;
  • Assisting the community in their applications for safe, suitable and quality community activities (e.g., an increase in night time activities can have a positive impact on crime by bringing more people into the streets).

For the full plan, see page 410 of:

I will also monitor the need for further improvements to the following City programs:

  • Security Watch: a 24-hour mobile security patrol service, catering to all residents and commercial business owners. To contact the Security Service, call 1300 360 333.
  • The Rangers team, who are responsible for local law enforcement. They can be contacted on 9272 0972.
  • The ‘Nyoongar Patrol’ / Nyoongar Outreach Service, which started operating recently at the Maylands town site for a 1-year trial. I’ve seen them in action on walks along 8th Ave, and have heard positive feedback so far from several shop owners.
    This is a community based service dealing with social and welfare issues. Its purpose is to provide early street-level interventions for local and remote Indigenous people frequenting public spaces in nominated locations.

I will also support longstanding community programs such as Neighbourhood Watch.

If anyone has any specific comments on the CSCP plan, or any other general ideas how to improve community safety, please feel free to share them with me.

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