Public Transport

Speaking to Transperth staff about various issues with the bus 41 trial and proposed plans to extend bus 406 – at The Rise.

As someone who catches buses and trains on a daily basis, I am aware of many of the strengths and deficiencies of the current public transport system. As a councillor, I will be pushing for further improvements, such as better frequencies of buses 41 and 42, and getting more sheltered bus stops around Maylands (to protect waiting passengers from sun or rain).

In 2016, the Public Transport Authority announced a trial to connect bus 41 to Maylands Station. The PTA chose to run buses along 8th Avenue (instead of the preferred option of running buses along 7th Ave), which raised concerns among various businesses and residents regarding the possible impact on the street. Seven months later, the PTA cancelled the trial and bus 41 returned to its original route.

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